Our Mission: To Enable Non-Native English Speakers to Speak & Publish Like a Native Speaker

Summer English Immersion Camp for Children (from 10 to 14 years old) in Canada

camp cabin

Why should I attend?

Language is best learned in context. Just as you learned Chinese surrounded by Chinese speakers, the best way to learn English is to be surrounded by English speakers. By being in an environment surrounded by English speaking children, You will learn English naturally as you learn and play together.

How will I learn?

You and 11 other young people will fly together from Taiwan to Toronto in beautiful Canada. We will then travel by car a few hundred kilometers north to Camp Cherith. Here you will join 140 other Canadian children as they enjoy two weeks of adventure. After orientation (and recovery from jet-lag), camp will begin. You will be assigned a bed in a cabin with 6 Canadian children and one leader. These will be your companions for the week -- you will sleep together, eat together and play together. On Sunday evening, the camp leaders will introduce the classes you may choose to participate in for the week, such as Horsemanship, canoeing, swimming, kayaking, fishing, wilderness survival, hiking, arts and crafts, group sports, slingshot, archery, river running, riflery, and theatre. You may choose three.

What is the daily schedule?

You and your cabin mates will wake up at ~7am. After brushing your teeth and washing up, you will walk together to the dining hall for breakfast, singing and the flag raising ceremony. After making your bed and cleaning the cabin, we will spend 40 minutes studying English using the Bible as the textbook. It will be then off to your first activity. After an hour, you will then move to your the second activity. Lunch time at 12:30 is followed by another round of singing fun songs. From 1:30 to 2:00 you and your cabin mates will be resting or playing quiet games. Your third activity choice follows and then its time for free time (choice of swimming, arts and crafts, going to the small store at camp to buy treats or souveneers or doing nothing). Just before supper, you, your cabin mates and cabin leader will decide on a group activity -- perhaps river running, perhaps hiking, perhaps rifelry. After supper all 150 campers and staff will get together for a big game! Finally the evening concludes with a campfire in which we sing together and a leader tells a story. Its now 9pm and time to wash up and go to sleep.

    Before you know it, the first week will be finished. Some Canadian children will leave on Saturday and some new children will arrive on Sunday. Saturday will be a good day to catch up on your sleep before the second week begins. For the second week you can continue to study the same classes or choose different classes.

    After two weeks at camp we will return to the Toronto area where we will divide up and spend a night or two living with Canadian families. You will eat with your host family, likely attend church on Sunday morning with them, and learn a little about Canadian family life. A short trip to Niagara Falls will round out the trip before we need to say goodbye to Canada and return to Taiwan.


How much does it cost?

The total cost (including airfare, meals, transportation, accommodation, travel insurance) is only NT$135,000. (NT$10,000 early bird discount for registration before January 10,2018)

I'm in. What do I do next?

The application schedule is as follows:
  •     1) Submit application with NT$10,000 deposit.
  •     2) Attend interview to access suitability (if application rejected, your deposit is refunded, otherwise non-refundable)
  •     3) Pay additional NT$30,000 to reserve your place.
  •     4) January 10, 2018: Last day for Early-Bird Discount
  •     5) April 15, 2018: Balance due (Application Deadline) Late applications may be considered but the price may be higher due to the cost of air tickets.
  •     6) July 2018 Meet at Taoyuan International Airport to fly to Canada

Please note that space is limited to 6 students. If < 3 students apply for a session, your deposit will be refunded. (Once Airline tickets have been issued (late April) this portion of the fees are non-refundable.) For more information please send us an email at info@kejiyingwen.com or visit us at http://www.kejiyingwen.com To reserve your place, submit the deposit.