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Course Planning, Marking and Supporting Software (other than VGs)

Module & Timeline
wks x hr/wk
Mark CardEvaluation Items (What it is and How it is graded)Tools & Software
All Modules
1. Continuous Grading
2. Electronic Submission Guidelines
Gantt Chart Open-source software to help you plan your research
Basic Oral undergrad
Music with Clear Lyrics to improve your listening skills (Ch 11)
Basic Written gradstud 1.Journal Entry
2.Letter of Introduction
3.Cover Letter & Resume
Cluster Diagram Software to help you organize your ideas(Ch.4.3)
Reading Speed Practice and Tests to help you to improve your reading skills(Ch. 5)
Advanced Written all students 1.Journal Entry
2.Formal Paper
-LibreOffice for outlining and writing up your research results (Ch 6.2 & Ch. 4.4)
-Linear Outline Template for LibreOffice (MS-WORD) to help you to organize a paper (Ch 6.2 & Ch. 4.4)
-Reference Manager Software to help you organize your papers as your read (Ch 6.4)
Advanced Oral all students Minimal Pairs to help your improve pronounciation and ear to distinguish sound [Complete List]   [Listen (British English)]   [Listen and Test Yourself (American English)] (§9.6)
For the Facilitor Guidelines for Tutors
§2.3 Famous Scientists Playing Cards (odt)
Mixed-Up Paragraphs
Spreadsheet to Tabulate and Calculate Marks (LibreOffice)
Preface and Table of Contents of Text
Teacher's guide book is available: Contact Author Directly