Our Mission: To Enable Non-Native English Speakers to Speak & Publish Like a Native Speaker

Advanced Oral Skills: Presenting at Conferences


  •     ● To learn how to organize a talk for a scientific conference
  •     ● To learn how to speak clearly and understandably at a conference
  •     ● To learn how to create and present scientific viewgraphs


  •     ● Public Speaking Skills
  •     ● Preparing a Conference Presentation
  •     ● Presenting at a Conference

Evaluation (total 50 pnts)

Time Line

§Topic 椤岀洰Week 閫�
1Introduction to course, classmates and teacher (selective) 1 11
Chapter 9 Preparing for the Conference
9.1Overview of Chapter 9111
9.2Announcing the Conference111
9.3Organizing your presentation222
9.4Speaking Clearly and Understandably333
-Evaluation Item: Submit Abstract to XTOP Conference444
9.5Confidently Presenting444
9.6Key word outline555
9.7Slides and Viewgraphs666
Chapter 10 Presenting at a Conference
10.1Overview of Chapter 10777
10.3Answering Questionsskip88
10.4Chairing a Session
(for students chosen as conference chairs ONLY in 9 week course)
10.5Improving by Observingskip88
Appendix: Conference Participation
- Participate in the XTOP conference
  •     ● For dates & details refer to the conference website: http://www.xiaotu.ca/xtop/
  •     ● Students must attend minumum number of 2 hour sessions + Keynote speech. (We hope you attend more)
8 hrs10 hrs8 hrs
Evaluation Item: Present at XTOP Conference15'15'15'
Evaluation Item: Participate in XTOP Conference8 hrs10 hrs8 hrs