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Advanced Written Skills: Writing Scientific Papers


  •     ● To learn the parts and flow of a typical research paper
  •     ● To learn how to write a scientific paper from pre-writing to final draft
  •     ● To learn how to use the logic structures typically used in scientific papers


  •     ● How to format and write a clear, logical scientific paper
  •     ● Linear Outlining
  •     ● Research Papers: Letter Format and Full Paper format

Evaluation (total 50 pnts)

Time Line

§Topic 主題Week 週
1Introductions: author/teacher, textbook(selective) SWF, classmates,
submitting assignments PPT
Chapter 6. Writing Short Papers
6.1Module Overview SWF111
6.2Organizing a linear outline SWF
    Demonstration Video (LibreOffice) avi
    Sample Linear Outline (LibreOffice) odt
6.3The Letter Format: Introduction, Body, Conclusion SWF232
6.4Documenting Sources SWF242
6.5Writing to Publish SWF343
Chapter 7. Writing Full Length Papers
7.1Flow of a Research Paper SWF453
7.2Introduction Section SWF
    Journal Entry (movie) mpg
Evaluation Item Due: "The Story of my Life" Draft 15
7.3Western Logic SWF 58
7.4Experimental or Methods Section SWF 510
7.5Results Section SWF 611
7.6Discussion Section SWF 712
7.7Conclusion & Acknowledgments SWF 713
7.8Abstract SWF 813
7.9Title, Cover letter, & Final editing SWF 814
Evaluation Item Due: Formal Written Report9158
Chapter 8 Responding to the Referees
8.1Responding to the Referees SWFskip159
-Evaluation Item Due: Respond to a Referee-17