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AW Evaluation Item: Letter (Short Communication)


Students are required to submit a short communication or letter to demonstrate that they have learned the steps involved in writing and delivering a formal report of this type.


  •     ● Cover Letter to explain what your are submitting (body of the Email)
  •     ● Cluster Diagram (single page attachment, PNG)
  •     ● Complete Linear Outline (attachment, TXT)
  •     ● Report (attachment, PDF)

Submission Guidelines

  •     ● Report must be submitted in both hard and soft (electronic) copy formats.
  •     ● Due Dates:
  •        - 1st Draft: Week 5 (9 week course) or 6 (18 week course)
  •        - 2nd Draft: Week 8 (9 week course) or 8 (18 week course)
  •        - Final Draft: Last class
  •     ● Hardcopy should be given to the teacher during class or submitted during office hours.
  •     ● Softcopy should be sent by Email to assignment@kejiyingwen.com
  •     ● The Subject of the Email should include university, course name,your ID and name. (See submitting assignments ppt for further details.)

Report Details

  •     ● Topic: The Story of my Life
  •     ● Length: 500 to 1000 words. Maximum of 3 figures, Minimum of 1 Figure.

Evaluation Criteria

    Cluster Diagramcomplete, sufficient depth5
    Linear Outlinesufficient depth, good organization, format as discussed in class10
    Macro-levelThese are divided equally among following items:
      - Introduction (problem stated, literature review, hypothesis stated, plan of attack summarized, interesting, appropriate length)
      - Body (good paragraph structure, interesting)
      - Conclusion (Summarizes key points, restates hypothesis, author opinions, appropriate length)
  •     ● Final Decision: Either ACCEPT (17.5/25), REVISE(0/25), REJECT (0/25) or MODEL (22/25).
  •     ● (This means if total is <17.5 then you receive ZERO (0).)
  •     ● Note that for 9 week courses, the MODEL evaluation is may not be available.
  •     ● Incomplete submissions are unacceptable.(0/25)