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AW Evaluation Item: Full Research Paper


Students are required to complete a formal research paper to demonstrate that they have learned the steps involved in writing a formal report.


  •     ● Cover Letter (body of the Email)
  •     ● Cluster Diagram (single page attachment, PNG)
  •     ● Complete Linear Outline (attachment, TXT)
  •     ● Report (attachment, PDF)

Submission Guidelines

  •     ● Report must be submitted in both hard and soft (electronic) copy formats.
  •     ● Due Date: End of Course
  •     ● Cover Letter: . For multiple author submissions, specify the contributions of each author. This includes both what they contributed, along with the percent of work done by each author. If this has been submitted to a journal or conference, please note the conference.(cf Sample Cover Letter)
  •     ● Hardcopy should be given to the teacher during class or submitted during office hours.
  •     ● Softcopy should be sent by Email to assignment@kejiyingwen.com
  •     ● The Subject of the Email should include university, course name,your ID and name. (See submitting assignments ppt for further details.)

Evaluation: Based on Report Option Chosen Below (total = 25 points)

ItemSectionCommentsPoints for Various Options
Full PaperPosterMultimedia
Linear Outline (Macro-Level)Sufficient depth, good organization, formatted as discussed in class, sufficient bulk in paragraphs. Each section will be marked as follows: 101010
Introduction general problem stated, literature review, hypothesis stated, plan of attack summarized, interesting, appropriate length
Experimentalclear explanation, correct verb tense, sufficient depth
ResultsFigure quality, correct format, figures located, discussed
Discussionstyle, logic structures, paragraph order smooth
ConclusionSummarizes key points, restates hypothesis, author opinions, appropriate length
TitleGood English, accurate, interesting2.52.50
Abstract50-100 words, purpose, method, results, conclusion2.500
Visual AppealAttractiveness, appropriatedly sized fonts, figure quality (not photocopies!)57.510
Micro-levelGrammatically correct, good sentence structure, correct spelling, English not Chinglish555

Report Options: Choose from the Following Options

Option: 1. Full Paper

  •     ● May be either based on your
    •         - own research OR
    •         - group project
  •     ● Length: > 1000 words
  •     ● If your research is not complete,fguess the results. (please make clear which results are guessed)
  •     ● If the paper is based on your research, your supervisor must sign the hardcopy of the paper to certify that
  •         - the English writing is primarily your work (not another student's)
  •         - research results are original (i.e. not a summary of a published paper).

Option: Poster Style Research Paper

  •     ● The Poster must be submitted and accepted by a recognized conference.
  •     ● The Poster must be in English
  •     ● Cover letter must include detailed information about the conference to which you have submitted the poster.
  •     ● Please discuss with the facilitator first if you want to choose this option.
  •     ● Note: Do not choose this option if you are not planning to submit to a conference.

Option: Multimedia Based Learning Aid for Use in This Course

  •     ● This may be an individual or small group project.
  •     ● If you wish to choose this project, please discuss your ideas first with teacher and get approval.

Suggested Topics -- Need to OK your group's topic with Teacher

  •     - Survey Style Research
  •         ● Poetry -- types popular
  •         ● Cell Phone Brand Preferences, Essential Features
  •         ● Cell Phone Usage
  •         ● Internet Usage (Class Example)
  •         ● Reasons to Choose University and Course of Study
  •     - Experiment and Design
  •         ● Cup Design