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AW Evaluation Item: Full Research Paper


Students are required to complete a formal research paper to demonstrate that they have learned the steps involved in writing a formal report.


  •     ● Cover Letter (Note the journal or conference to which the work is being submitted. This is the body of the Email.)
  •     ● Cluster Diagram (single page attachment, PNG)
  •     ● Complete Linear Outline (attachment, TXT)
  •     ● Report (attachment, PDF)

Submission Guidelines

  •     ● Report must be submitted in both hard and soft (electronic) copy formats.
  •     ● Due Date: End of Course
  •     ● Hardcopy should be given to the teacher during class or submitted during office hours.
  •     ● Softcopy should be sent by Email to assignment@kejiyingwen.com
  •     ● The Subject should include university, course name,your ID and name (See submitting assignments ppt for details.)

Evaluation: Based on Report Option Chosen Below (total = 25 points)

ItemCommentsPoints for Various Options
LetterFull PaperPosterMultimedia
Linear Outlinesufficient depth, good organization, formatted as discussed in class 10101010
TitleGood English, accurate, interesting 2.5
Abstract50-100 words, purpose, method, results, conclusion 2.5
Visual AppealAttractive with good sized fonts and Pictures 55
Macro-level(See individual options for details) 10555
Micro-levelGrammatically correct, good sentence structure, spelling correct, English not Chinglish5555

Report Options: Choose from the Following Options

Option:. Full Paper

  •     ● May be either Based on your own research OR Based on your class project (i.e. Internet Survey, Cup Design, etc.)
  •     ● Length: > 1000 words
  •     ● Macro-level points divided among following items:
  •         - Introduction (general problem stated, literature review, hypothesis stated, plan of attack summarized, interesting, appropriate length)
  •         - Experimental (clear explanation, correct verb tense, sufficient depth)
  •         - Results (Figure quality, format correct, understandable)
  •         - Discussion (style, logic, paragraph order smooth, understandable)
  •         - Conclusion (Summarizes key points, restates hypothesis, author opinions, appropriate length)
  •     ● If your research is not yet complete, you may guess the results. If you do this, please make clear which results are guessed.
  •     ● If the paper is based on your research, your supervisor must sign the hardcopy of the paper to certify that
  •         - the English writing is primarily your work (not another student's)
  •         - research results are original (i.e. not a summary of a published paper).

Option: Poster Style Research Paper

  •     ● The Poster must be submitted and accepted by a recognized conference.
  •     ● The Poster must be in English
  •     ● Cover letter must include detailed information about the conference to which you have submitted the poster.
  •     ● Please discuss with the facilitator first if you want to choose this option.
  •     ● Note: Do not choose this option if you are not planning to submit to a conference.

Option: Multimedia Based Learning Aid for Use in This Course

  •     ● This may be an individual or small group project.
  •     ● If you wish to choose this project, please discuss your ideas first with teacher and get approval.

Suggested Topics -- Need to OK your group's topic with Teacher

  •     ● Poetry -- types popular
  •     ● Cell Phone Brand Preferences, Essential Features
  •     ● Cell Phone Usage
  •     ● Cup Design
  •     ● Internet Usage (Class Example)
  •     ● Reasons to Choose University and Course of Study