Our Mission: To Enable Non-Native English Speakers to Speak & Publish Like a Native Speaker

Evaluation Item: Oral Presentation (Graded)


Students are required to make a conference style presentation at the XTOP conference or an equivalent conference.


  •     ● Abstract
  •     ● Linear Outline (attachment)
  •     ● Power Point Slides (attachment)
  •     ● Presentation

Submission Guidelines

  •     ● Report must be submitted in both hard and soft (electronic) copy formats.
  •     ● Due Date: End of Course
  •     ● Hardcopy should be given to the teacher before the conference presentation
  •     ● Softcopy should be sent by Email to assignment@kejiyingwen.com

Evaluation Items (total = 35 points)

CPContent (Original, Appropriate)50
CPPresentation Flow and Logic50
TimeBetween 11 and 12 minutes100
GPGrammar and Pronunciation100
FCNo Stumbling25
FCGood Sentence Flow25
FCCan be Heard Clearly25
FCMake Eye Contact25
ADVNo Apologizing14
ADVNatural Body Movement14
ADVPosture Erect14
ADVFriendly Sincere Tone14
ADVAvoid Fillers/Verbal Ticks14
ADVReads the Audience14
BonusOn-Time Submission20
BonusFor Chairing Session Well up to 60
BonusAudience Behaviour (quietly Listen, Ask Questions)up to 40
BonusAttendence Bonusup to 40
If attend < 40 sessions, your final mark is ZERO (0)