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Evaluation Item: Reading Speed Tests


Students are required to read four articles in their field of choice and submit a screen shot of the final writing score.


  1. 1. Sit in your assigned seat (if doing test in classroom) pdf ods
  2. 2. Load the Reading Test Software http://www.kejiyingwen.com/soft/skim/skimread.htm
  3. 3. From the Course Menu choose:
    •     ● ... (Pre) : for the prereading test
    •     ● ... (Post) : for the postreading test
    •     ● Anything else to practice doing the tests.
  4. 4. Starting at the first article, read all four articles of the exam paper.
    Do not use the mouse when the program is running except to select the correct answers.


  •     ● Screen shot of the Final Score

Submission Guidelines:

  • ● If you are doing the test in a classroom,do NOT shut down the computer -- leave the screen display on so we can record your results. Do not leave before the TA or teacher has recorded your reading speed results!
  • ● If you are doing the test at home,
    •         ● Report must be submitted in soft (electronic) copy formats.
    •         ● Softcopy should be sent by Email to assignment@kejiyingwen.com
    •         ● The Subject of the Email should include your
              university, course, student ID, name,READING SPEED TEST
    •         ● Screen shot of Final Score should be an attachment in PNG format OR in Body of the Email
    •         ● Example: