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Evaluation Item: Cover Letter and Resume (Graded)


Students are required to prepare cover letter and personal resume to demonstrate that they have learned the skills of formal letter writing.


  •     ● Cover Letter (Body of the Email, Formal Letter Format)
  •     ● Cluster Diagram (Attachment, Single Page, PNG format)
  •     ● Resume (Attachment, Single Page, PDF format)

Submission Guidelines:

  •     ● Report must be submitted in both hard and soft (electronic) copy formats.
  •     ● Hardcopy should be given to the teacher during class or submitted during office hours.
  •     ● Softcopy should be sent by Email to assignment@kejiyingwen.com
  •     ● The Subject of the Email should include your
              university acronym, department acronym, student ID, name,topic
            formatted in as in this example:

Evaluation (Total = 90 Points)

Submission Complete (includes Cluster Diagram Evaluation) 10
Cover Letter's Macro-Level English
● Format/Mechanics (~10)
● Content/Organization (Meaning Clear, Appropriate Contents)(~10)
● Style (Well organized) (~20)
● Interesting (~10)
Cover Letter's Micro-Level English: Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation
● spelling(~5)
● grammar (~5)
Resume: Information Complete, Good Format, 1 Page 20
Late submission Penalty 10/week