Our Mission: To Enable Non-Native English Speakers to Speak & Publish Like a Native Speaker

Index of Supporting Viewgraphs

time (hr)*🔊~Type**
00 Using and Controlling the SWF Viewgraphs 0.1Nswf
Main Launch Page for SWF Viewgraphs 0.0Nswf
(online only) Learning to Communicate   (Teaching Notes)   (Cluster Diagram) 1.5Nppt
(online only) Guide to Submitting Assignments & Homework by Email0.1Nppt

1. Introductions

(online only) Some Famous People's Real Names --ppt

Basic Oral Skills

2. Personal Interactions (1:1 Communication)

bo-2.1 Overview 0.1Nswf
bo-2.2 Meeting People -- Opening the communication channel 2Pswf
bo-2.3 Continuing and Ending The Conversation 1.5Pswf
bo-2.4 Other Types of Conversations 1Pswf
bo-2.5 Invitations 1Pswf
bo-2.6 Agreeing and Disagreeing (Politely) 1Nswf
bo-2.7 Logic and Debates 1.7Nswf
bo-2.8 Brainstorming 1Nswf

3. Listening to Scientific Talks

bo-3.1 Overview 0.1Nswf
bo-3.2 Distinguishing Content from Filler 0.5Pswf
bo-3.3 Short Talks & Communication Theory 1.5Nswf
bo-3.4 Speak Up! Active Listening 2Nswf
bo-3.5 Note taking and Key Words 2Yswf
bo-3.6 Taking Notes During a Demonstration 1.5Nswf

Basic Written Skill

4. Correspondence (1:1 Communication)

bw-4.1 Overview 0.1Nswf
bw-4.2 Purpose and Types 2Yswf
bw-4.3 Personal Letters, Pre-writing, and Cluster Diagrams 2Yswf
bw-4.4 Editing and Revision: From First to Final Draft 1Yswf
bw-4.5 Business Letters: Cover Letters & Resumes (1)2Nswf
bw-4.6 Summary 2Nswf
5. Reading Scientific Literature
bw-5.1 Overview 0.1Nswf
bw-5.2 Reading Speed Test nanaother
bw-5.3 Verbs and Formality 1Yswf
bw-5.4 Skimming and Scanning 2Yswf
bw-5.5 Chinglish, English and Englese 1Pswf
bw-5.6 Reading Journals and Textbooks 2Yswf
bw-5.7 Review + Learning from Mistakes 1Yswf

Advanced Written Skills

6. Writing Short Papers

aw-6.1 Advanced Written Skills Section Overview 0.1Yswf
aw-6.2 Linear Outlining 1Yswf
aw-6.2     Demonstration Video (LibreOffice)   (LibreOffice Outline)--avi/odt
aw-6.3 Key Parts: Introduction, Body & Conclusion 2Yswf
aw-6.4 Documenting Sources 1Nswf
aw-6.5 Writing to Publish 2Pswf

7. Writing Full Length Papers

aw-7.1 Flow of a Research Paper 0.5Yswf
aw-7.2 The Introduction 1.5Yswf
aw-7.2     Journal Entry (movie to support picture)
aw-7.3 Western Logic 1Yswf
aw-7.4 The Experimental Section 1Pswf
aw-7.5 The Results Section 1.8Nswf
aw-7.6 The Discussion Section 1Nswf
aw-7.7 Conclusions and Acknowledgments 1Nswf
aw-7.8 The Abstract 1Nswf
aw-7.9 The Title, Cover Letter and Final Editing 1Nswf

8. After Submission: Responding to the Referee


Advanced Oral Skills

9. Preparing an Oral Presentation

ao-9.1 Overview of Module (9.1 and 10.1 in text) 0.5Nswf
ao-9.2 Announcing the Conference 0.5Yswf
ao-9.3 Organizing your Presentation 2Nswf
ao-9.4 Speaking Clearly and Understandably 2Pswf
ao-9.5 Confidently Presenting 1.8Yswf
ao-9.6 The Key Word Outline 1.5Yswf
ao-9.7 Viewgraphs 2Nswf
10. Presenting at a Conference
ao-10.2 Audience Behavior 2.6Pswf
ao-10.3 Questions: Traps or Opportunities -swf
ao-10.4.1 Effectively Chairing a Session: Chairperson Responsibilities -YAuto
ao-10.4.1e Effectively Chairing a Session: Chairperson Responsibilities (demo) -YAuto
ao-10.4.2 Effectively Chairing a Session: Dealing with Problems -YAuto


11. Learning About Culture

Language learning extends beyond grammar to an understanding of the underlying culture that has produced the language. This includes ways of thinking, the study of books that have been important in forming these thought patterns and underlying assumptions. In addtion, an understanding of western holidays allows one to fully appreciate and understand the culture that created these holidays.
(online only) Thinking about Cultural Differences 2Nppt
(online only) Wisdom 4 Students from Solomon's proverbs (~500BC) 2Nppt
(online only) Christmas (includes short play)--mix
(online only) Thanksgiving Holiday 0.1Ymp4

12. References

13. Instructor Support

test- Basic Oral Module Final Test (calls TBasOral.mp3) -Yswf
Digital and Analogue Timer -Yswf
Supporting youtube videos (music) -Ymp4


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